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Honor 20 Pro Launch

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Short Intro
for the Inspiration
How to achieve a viral effect? How to hook the audience? The answer lies in the product itself. Yes, Honor 20 Pro is a source of hype opportunities — top performance combined with the fair price. It would be enough just to declare the characteristics and price. And enjoy the increased sales.

But no. We shouldn't be entirely rational. We need to create a small cultural layer that will attract consumers. Thus, involvement in the brand itself (not in the product) will be a matter of pride.

To achieve this, we need to understand the target audience, their habits and behavior. And give them a little more than expected. At the same time, we should leave enough space for their own expression. They do not like compulsion. They are not subject to mass. They need only their circle in which they can be themselves.
Or even the best version of themselves.

Chill your tea and
get comfortable

Signs in the city can be made of oracal or as a projection onto the wall..
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